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Combination of Deep House, Synthwave, Electronic pop, Rock and Contemporary Music with a Banging Beat.



All my productions are styled on the type of synth music you find in most song's from the late 1970's to 80's 

  • During lockdown I started to mess around with a free DAW and put together a few music tracks - then after a while, got hooked with computer made music and spent time learning music theory and all about VST's (Virtual Studio Technology)  and other stuff used within a DAW (digital audio workstation). 

  • I discovered Ableton live lite which came with my Novation keyboard which I bought to try my hand at composing a few new tracks. 

  • I then bought Ableton live 10, then later on 11 full version and then purchased some loops & VST's, I then worked on how to launch my music to the streaming services and get my music online to the masses (lol) I also worked on my own artwork and website designs, bought my web domain name and launched my website. 

  • My music is a Combination of Deep House, Synthwave, Electronic rock/pop combined with Contemporary all to create my own style which is all influenced by the synthesizer sounds of the great bands of the late 1970's and 80's.

-Compose - Produce - Develop - Enjoy!

I have been learning for many years there is always something new out there - Give it a go!